Wheel and Axle: Definition & Examples

Many of the people tell you that this machine is not complicated and we will also think that it is very Basic Device. However, such type of claim will be inaccurate as a Wheelbarrow is a Complex Machine because it is composed of the lots of the simple machines such as Axle and Machine.

The Wheel and Axle is one of the 6 types of simple Machines as well as it includes a Wheel which is in Round shape that is attached to an Axle in such a manner that two parts are used to rotate together. A simple Machine is a type of device that makes the tasks easier by magnifying the Force.

The design of the Wheel and Axle that is used to transfer the force of one piece to another piece. This Axle and Wheel are very much common that it can be within your Eyesight right now.

Wheel and Axle Examples

Wheel and Axle Examples

Now people should consider a Standard Door Knob. The Shaft extending into the Door that represents the Axle and the Rounded Knob is used to act as a Wheel.

A Doorknob is an Axle and Wheel. While it is very much strange to think about the Doorknob, but people should remember that the Axle and Wheel will not need an Actual Wheel.

A Wheel is a Rounded Part of an Object which is like a Doorknob. This Portion of the wheel is quite thicker as compared to the Axle which is attached to it.

The Axle is a quite thinner shaft that extends from the Wheel. A Screwdriver is another example of a common Wheel and Axle.

In a Screwdriver, a Shaft represents the Axle and the Handle represents the Wheel. Just like the Wheelbarrows, a Screwdriver is quite a complex machine which contains the simple wheel and Axle within them.

Take a movement and the people should look around the room where they are in. There are many examples of the Wheel and Axle such as Roller Skates, Rolling Pins, Windmills, Clock Hands and Fans and all totally rely on the Wheel and Axle design for operating.

If you look for more time, you will find out more examples of Wheel and Axle. And people should not forget those items which contain an actual Motorcycles, Wheel cars, and Wagons etc.

Mechanical Advantage of the Wheel and Axle

Mechanical Advantage of the Wheel and Axle

This Wheel and Axle is classified as one of the 6 simple machines and other 5 types of machines are Pulley, Inclined Plane, Lever, Screw, and Wedge. We use a simple type of Machines as they provide us Mechanical Advantage.

For example, People can be able to carry more in weight by pushing a cart on the Wheels as compared to holding it in our arms. This Axle and Wheel are two circles and they are used to rotate Together.

A Force is mainly transferred from the Axle to the Wheel. There is an Advantage of the Wheel and Axle is the Ratio of the Radius of the Wheel which is over the Radius of the Axle.

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