What is Physical Abuse: Definition, Prevents, Effects, Check Here

Physical abuse is hurting the child and causing injury which is accidental. Physical abuse is the use of physical force against someone in a way that injures or endangers that person. Children who are suffering from physical abuse such as being hit, kicked, poisoned, burned, slapped and many more. Shaking or hitting the children can cause head injuries.  Sometimes parents will and can cause symptoms of illness in their child so giving them medicines they don’t need and making the child unwell. It causes serious and long-term harm and in more serious cases, death.

How can you say that the child is being abused?

How can you say that the child is being abused

The child may have some changes in themselves like being silent not responding to things and with a variety of difficulties and behavior depending upon when and what type of abuse they have experienced. It will be hard to notice if the child is facing the abuse from long-term by an adult the child is close to. They just find it difficult to say anyone about it as the abuser may have frightened to hurt them if they tell it to anybody. A child may not say anything because they think it their fault, that no one will believe them or think they will be teased or punished.

How to prevent physical child abuse?

How to prevent physical child abuse

  1. Give your time: Interact with people and parents of other communities in your area. Help the un save children and their families.
  2. Teach discipline to your child: if you are upset never discipline your child first get yourself to calm down. Make sure that discipline is a way to teach your child. Encourage with good behavior and timeouts to help your child to learn.
  3. Study you behavior: Not only physical abuse but words and actions will also reflect the child very deep and long-lasting wounds. Be a supporting parent. Use your actions to show your children and other adults that situations can be handled without hitting or yelling.
  4. Educate yourself and others: Support will be the major part for children as well as adults which can be the best way to prevent child abuse. After the school activities parents education classes, programs, and respite care are some of the many ways to keep children safe from harm. Be a voice in support of these efforts in the community.
  5. Know what child abuse is: Physical and sexual abuse is clearly a torture but is also been neglected or may be the failure of parents to provide a child with much-needed food, clothing, and care. Children can also be emotionally abused when they are rejected, berated or harassed.

Signs of physical abuse:

Physical abuse includes:

Physical abuse includes

  • spitting or biting
  • kicking
  • trying to twist the neck
  • using tools
  • driving at the fast speed
  • destroying property and throwing things
  • abuse of children or pets
  • locking a woman out of the house or in the house
  • shaking, slapping, pushing, punching or scratching
  • sleep and food removal.

 Effects of physical abuse:

 Effects of physical abuse

Physical abuse is the major problem. It results in lifetime effects and can cause brain damage, less hearing, loss of vision and disability. Many abused children find it difficult to form lasting and appropriate friendships. They lack the ability to trust others in the most basic of ways. Children who have suffered long-term abuse lack basic social skills and cannot communicate naturally with other children can. The child will suffer pain and medical problems from physical injury and, in severe cases, even death. Though less, injuries can also lead to the abused child developing severe emotional, behavioral or learning problems. Children who suffer from depression anxiety due to their past often turn smoking, alcohol and drugs and other various drugs to deal with their emotional and physical scars. If taking drugs for long-term purposes it can also lead to cancer, liver damage and infection from transmitted diseases. So it is important to notice the signs of the child suffering from physical abuse to guide or take proper actions to take care of it.

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