What is Child Neglect: Defintion, Types, Causes, Effects, Check Here

Child neglect is a form of abuse where the parents or other people fail to give their child proper attention which their children need. A neglected child may be malnourished, always sick, or never at school. Neglect comes in different forms such as physical and emotional, and more girls suffer than boys, with younger children neglected most. Child neglect is the basic child needs nowadays due to the lack of love care and attention they need from their parents. A child is left hungry or dirty without proper clothing, shelter and not looking after their medical or health care. A child is put in danger or not protected from physical or emotional harm. The child who is neglected will often suffer from the other abuse as well. Neglecting a child may cause serious and long-term damage or even death.

Types of neglect:

Types of neglect

  1. Physical Neglect: It takes place the basic needs of the children cannot be fulfilled e.g., food, shelter, and clothing are not being met and often occurs in a persistent pattern. Examples of physical deprivation include being denied food and or water and being left out in the elements.
  2. Medical Neglect: When medical neglect occurs, children are denied the medical care they need to treat a condition or prevent an illness from worsening. A child may be repeatedly refused medical care for an ongoing condition or may only be denied for a one-time instance of required medical care. Failing to secure medical attention for an injured child or withholding care with the intent to cause death are both examples of medical neglect.
  3. Educational Neglect: Educational neglect is when children are not given access to education. Examples of educational neglect include parents failing to register children for school or parents making children stay home from school to ensure that they don’t report the abuse they experience at home.
  4. Emotional neglect: It occurs when children are deprived of their emotional needs forming secure, positive attachments with adults. Some researchers group emotional neglect with other types of neglect. Parents may struggle to meet children’s emotional needs due to a variety of reasons, such as depression or drug and alcohol abuse. A few examples of emotional neglect include humiliating a child, rejecting a child, or giving bizarre forms of punishment.

Causes of child neglect:

Causes of child neglect

Now not every parent neglects their children purposely it is due to the effect that in their childhood they have gone through this themselves. Very young or inexperienced parents might not know how to take care of the babies or what can they expect from their children at different stages. Some situations place the families to stress such as poverty, divorce, sickness. Parents who take alcohol or other drugs are likely to abuse or neglect their children. It also may result in problems like a mental disorder, domestic violence, unemployment, unplanned pregnancy, and poverty. Child neglect is the form of child abuse with children born to young mothers at a risk for neglect.

Effects of neglecting a child:

Effects of neglecting a child

The child may have some changes in themselves like being silent not responding to things and with a variety of difficulties and behavior depending upon when abuse they are experienced. Neglecting a child who needs all your love affection care and support and not even looking after them by physical mental or any other needs. This leads to having a serious and a long-lasting effect on the child. It may be anything from leaving the child home alone in important cases where a child dies from hunger or not giving the care they need. In some of the case, it may cause permanent disability. Neglect can be hard to identify.

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