What is a Gas: Introduction & Modify

Gas is everywhere around us and it surrounds us. The Air which is around us is a type of Gas.

The Atmosphere which surrounds the Earth is a gas too. Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapour, Oxygen, and Helium are all the Gases.

The Gases particles differ from that of Liquids and Solids. The particles are far apart from each other as well as they are arranged in a random way in Gases.

The particles are used to move quickly in all the directions in Gases. Gases can be able to fill up any container that is of any shape or size.

What is a Gas

Vapors are the gaseous state of a substance that is a solid or liquid at room temperature. For example, steam is a vapor because water exists as a liquid at room temperature. Water vapor. Carbon dioxide gas.

Gases can be able to squash or compressed due to the molecules that are far away from each other. The molecules of the Gas can move from an area of the High pressure to the Low pressure when the gas is compressed.

Vapour is also a kind of Gas. Gases which are liquid at the room temperature such as Water can be classified as Vapour.

This means Vapour is basically a Liquid but can vaporize (turn into Gas) under certain circumstances. Now we will go to Introduction of the Matter.

Introduction of the Matter

Introduction of the Matter

Matter can be anything such as Liquid, Solid or Gas that has the Weight (mass) and occupies space. It should have Volume for anything to occupy space.

Everything on the Earth has the Weight and it takes up Space and that means everything which is there on Earth is a Matter. We will now take a look at this Boy Blowing Bubbles.

The Boy is holding the Cup with some Bubble solution in it. The Boy is used to blow the Air into the Bubble wand, trapping the air (gas) in a thin film of the Solution.

The Cup of the Boy, his Liquid and the Air the Boy is blowing is a Matter. They all 3 have some Volume and Weight.

Different types of things of Matter behave in a different way. The Cup, Water, and Air feel and behave due to its Individual properties that they all are made up of.

All 3 individual properties are held together (bonded) as well as the Bond’s Strength is used to determine why the cup can’t flow (such as Water) or why Air (gas) can be compressed. Liquids, Solids, and Gases are all made up of very small stuff that can’t be seen by the Naked eye which is known as Molecules, Atoms and or ions.

Now we will see at the States of Matter and Behavior and they are Gases, Liquid, and Solid which are called as the 3 States of Matter. Now we will go to the Changing States of Matter.

Modifying the States of Matter

Modifying States of Matter

The Matter can’t be Destroyed or Created, but it can modify from one state to the other state with the Application or the Heat removal (Temperature). Each and every time the matter modifies the state, it is simply the Molecules Movement in Matter slowly down or speeding up.

We will now use the Water as an example. The Water is a Liquid at the Room Temperature and the molecules in Water moves slowly.

When the people apply the Heat (or raising the Temperature) the Molecules moves quickly. The State of the Liquid will modify into the gas with more heat as the Molecules would move so fast and takes up space everywhere.

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