Urban Sprawl: Introduction, Definition, Causes, Effect, Check Here


Urban sprawl is a highly politicized term. The expansion of human populations from central urban areas to the low-density monofunctional area is called urban sprawl. The usual mode of community is a car.


Urban means,” relating to or characteristics of a town or city.” Sprawl can be defined as “ the consensus that urban sprawl is characteristics by an unplanned and uneven pattern of growth, driven by the multitude of processes and leading to inefficient resources utilization.”


The uncontrolled horizontal growth of cities is called sprawl. It is essential to manage and have control over this sprawl. If we do not achieve it, then such sprawl area Will end the necessary adjacent agricultural land that is an essential part of the bear food system.URBAN Sprawl is just a synonym for urbanization.



There are numerous causes of urban sprawl. Some of the primary reasons are as below:


  • Lower land rates:

    The centers of urban development have made people venture out for settlement as the cost of the agreement is more in metropolitan cities then its suburb areas.


    Because of increased spending on certain types of infrastructure, including roads and electricity.

  • The rise in the standard of living

    As the rules of life of people have increased an average family income, have also increased. People are ready and willing to pay more to travel and commute long distances from work and home.

  • Lack of urban planning

It is natural that everybody loves to line in a cleaner and greener area which is less crowded and peaceful. Due to this feeling people sprawl out to other sections of the town.

  • Lower House Tax Rates

    Taxes levied in developed urban cities are usually high, so to avoid high taxes people choose to leave in a suburbs where the taxes are low.

  • Rise in population growth-
    This is a crucial factor which contributes towards urban sprawl. Due to increase in the population of metropolitan cities people move further and further from city centers.

Effects of Urban Sprawl:

Effects of Urban Sprawl
some of the causes of urban sprawl are as follows:


  • Increased in public expenditure-

    The urban sprawl causes and plays an essential role in the increases in general costs.

  • Increased traffic-

    People will start using more of their vehicles instead of public transport which will cause more cars on road and more traffic and air pollution.

  • Health issues-

    Because of these luxurious lives and using vehicles even for shortest of distance make the human body lazy and overweight hence ultimately bringing ailments like high blood pressure, and other diseases with it.

  • Environmental issues-

    Due to the expansion of land for human settlement more of forests are being cut off hence making wild animals homeless. Also, use of modern amenities and luxurious vehicles lead to many types of pollution.

  • Impact on social lives-

    When people move further from the urban society, they get deprived of the neighborhood and becomes unsocial.


    Urban Sprawl is that issue which has no solution and no end. It will keep on continuing until there is life on earth.

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