Reduce Reuse And  Recycle: Meaning, Explanation, Check Here


As there is no lock made without its key to open, similarly there is no problem in this world that has no solution, we just need to search for it. Same is the case with environmental issues or global issues. Almost many measures one is reduced reuse and recycle, popularly known as R3 OT the three R’s measures.




Reduce means cutting off the use. To make something less in size, amount, degree, importance or in price. In this context, it majorly means making less use and only required the use of resources.


It is the second part of R. It simply means using something again and again. Repeating the same substance which has been already made use. By this, there is less strain on limited resources and the resources are made to its maximum use.


This is the third part of R. It means using the same substance but for another purpose. In this process waste items are collected and made to use by changing its form, hence bringing out the maximum use of it.



The main idea behind reduce is to ensure that if at the initial stage itself if there is limited use made then there will less waste produce, hence less waste will be required to reuse and recycle. On one hand, it requires people to make only limited and essential use of resources and on another hand, it requires them to make maximum use of substances and materials.

Here is the list of suggestions that can be adapted to make less and maximum use of material resources-

  • Make use of an electronic mode of communication like emails, emails etc. instead of paper mails.
  • Use both sides of the paper. Do not waste paper.
  • Instead of using paper bags or plastic we should opt for more cloth made bags.
  • Avoid using plastic made utensils or objects.
  • Avoid using disposable like plastic made glasses, plates, spoons etc. because they made more waste to earth. Move to traditional methods like eating on banana leaves or steel made utensils.
  • Buy products that consume less energy and more durable.


Reuse means making use of old materials again. We usually have lots of old substances like glass bottles, glass wears, clothes, furniture, books etc. which we do not use anymore. Instead of throwing these objects and adding more to global waste we can give them to people who use it or recycle those and use it again. We must make maximum exploitation of any material so that it doesn’t go wasted. Here are some tips to reuse;

  • We can donate old books and clothes onto welfare homes and orphan house.
  • We can use glass pots for storing groceries.
  • We can use rechargeable batteries.


Recycle :

Recycle means using the waste garbage into some other form. The best example can be that organic wastes from homes can be used as compost. In recycle process, the used material is once again converted into raw materials and from that raw materials, it is given new form and new use. Here is a list to recycle products :

  • We should but more recycled products from the market.
  • Invent new methods to recycle products.
  • We should use more environment-friendly products which are easy to recycle.


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