30 Rain Forest Amazing Facts Which You Must Not Know, Check Here



Tropical rainforests are the worlds oldest and a vital ecosystem of earth. Almost every type of flora and fauna are believed to live in tropical rainforest region. These rainforests are found near the planet. There are usually tall, green and dense trees found in tropical rainforest zone.

Facts about rainforest:


  1. Even robust about 6% of earth surface is covered with rainforest, but most of flora and fauna are found in these rainforests.
  2. The rainforest is so dense that in can take about ten minutes for a rain drop to touch the ground.
  3. Rainforests are the forests which receive the highest amount of rainfall, almost throughout raingear.
  4. A tree called “idiot fruit” is only found in Australia’s Daintree forest.
  5. Each year rainforests gets at least 250 cum of rainfall. Sometime this increases and doubles to around 500 cum of rainfall.
  6. The Amazon rainforest is so massive that it could be a country in itself. If country then 9th largest country in world.
  7. Rainforest is rich in different flora hence most of the medicines come from tropical rainforest.
  8. The Australian rainforest is so diverse that many varieties of flowering plants are found there. These flowering plants are nowhere else found on earth.
  9. Sloth found in central American rainforest, can carry algae, beetles, and cockroaches in its fur.
  10. The pine trees found in Tasmania rainforests can live up to 2000 years.
  11. There is lake inside the rainforest of Dominica. This lake sizzles at around 88 ◦ Celsius.
  12. For a football field around an area of rainforests is destroyed each year.
  13. There are giant bamboo plants found in rainforests which can grow 9 inches every day.
  14. Some of the species of monkeys in rainforests are omnivores which can eat both plants and animals.
  15. In rainforests of South America, more than 2000 species of butterflies can be seen.
  16. In rainforest of Central Africa is home to more than 8000 species of plants.
  17. Flying snakes, frogs and squirrels can be found in rainforests.
  18. Bats in rainforests are essential for pollination of fruit plants like bananas and mangoes.
  19. 1 out of 4 ingredients of our medicines belongs to rainforest vegetation.
  20. Every minute around 2000 trees is being cut down.
  21. There are many types of rainforests.
  22. Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest rainforest.
  23. Most of the lives in rainforests are found on trees as it has dense forests.
  24. Many other products we use on day to day basis has its connection with rainforests.
  25. It is eminent to protect rainforests as it our best friend and tool to fight global warming.
  26. Every year about 8 million hectares of rainforest are destroyed.
  27. Rainforests can be found in almost every continent except Antarctica, as it is frigid.
  28. Rainforests help to regulate our supply of drinking water and fresh water. Hence, they are very crucial for fighting against global warming.
  29. Rainforests are threatened each day by human lust for development and practices like agriculture, leaching, deforestation, mining and logging.
  30. At the present rate of deforestation, it is believed that within a century there will be no rainforest left on earth.

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