Pros And Cons Of Fossil Fuels: Introduction, Meaning, Using, Check Here



Fossil fuels are the most widely used fuels. It is formed by decomposition of dead plants and animal that existed on earth since millions of years ago. There are very limited fossil fuel reserves on earth.


Fossil fuel means, a natural fuel such as coal or gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms.

Pros of fossil fuels:

Pros of fossil fuels

We know fossil fuels are used in abundance that itself signifies that there are many pros of fossil fuels. Some of the pros of fossil fuels are as given below:

Easy accessibility:

Fossil fuels are almost present in every nation. It is found in mountains or beneath the earth surface and also under the sea. Once we get the knowledge of the presence of fossil fuel in particular location we get easy access to other reserves easily.

Efficient to use:

Fossil fuel like oil and coal produces a large amount of energy even by use of its smallest portion. It is very efficient to use. Most used fossil fuels are petroleum and coal.

Can be transported:

Fossil fuel extracted can be easily transported to another place. Transportation of renewable energy is difficult by transportation of fossil fuels can be easily made by setting up pipes.

Generate job opportunity:

In the process of extraction of fossil, there is a requirement of great manpower. Hence large job opportunities are created due to use of fossil fuels. On a larger view, the national economy is also generated by the use of fossil.

Easy set-up:

A fossil fuel plant can be set up in any corner of the world. The only factor that needs to be considered is that the area has large quantities of fossil deposits. The fossil fuel plants can generate a large amount of energy from a single plant.

Cons of using fossil fuels:

Although there are massive pros of using fossil fuels, its cons are so drastic that if we do not stop using it today not only its reserves will come to an end but also, we will lose natural vegetation and pleasant atmosphere present today.

Lists of cons:

Environmental problems:

Right from the process of extraction of fossil fuels to its consumption large amount of harmful poisonous gages are released into the air which makes the air polluted. A major amount of carbon-di-oxide and carbon monoxide is released into the air which are components of greenhouses, gases which are responsible for global warming.

Finite reserves:

There are very limited reserves of fossil fuels on earth as it is non-renewable energy. The amount of fossil fuels present today has been estimated to get over in 200 to 250 years depending upon the rate of consumption.

Serious health problem:

Use of fossil fuels releases various harmful gases which cause serious health problems like respiratory diseases, eye problems, heart attacks etc. Use of fossil fuels causes depletion in oxygen level in the air.

Transport problems:

As the transport of fossil fuels require huge and long route pipes, it is very costly to build. It is money consumption method. Even when they are transported through ships there are large disasters of oil spills which harm the marine life.


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