Noise Pollution: Definition, Effects, Types, Problems

The noises which are generated by people with the machines, and unnecessary horning of vehicles which create a very harmful impact to the people who need a lot of concentration in working on something and it also harms the life of animals, it is known as the noise pollution. The noise pollution can arise from different sources, such as the sound of machines, the activities that are taking place for construction of buildings and industries; it can also come from the loud musical performance and noise from transportation systems. Both our health and our behavior can be affected by the unwanted noise pollution.

Effects of Noise pollution:

Effects of Noise pollution

  1. Health Issues:

    Extreme noise pollution in the areas of working places such as the office, sites of construction, and even in our homes can cause serious health problems. Due to the excessive noise pollution, we are disturbed at nights and we are not able to sleep properly which can increase our tensions and even the levels of stress are also increased which can lead to severe health problems in life.

  2. Hearing Problems:

Hearing Problems

When excessive unwanted noise enters into our ears it damages our ears which will create a problem in hearing. There is only a certain range of noise which our ears can take if it goes beyond the range then it causes problems to our ears. The man-made noise such as the horns of vehicles, jackhammers etc, can be beyond the range for our ears to listen. Our eardrums can be damaged when there is huge noise pollution and we can lose our hearing power. So we should try to stay away from such extreme noise pollution.

  1. Sleeping Disorders:

Sleeping Disorders

The loud noise disturbs us from getting a good sleep and we are not able to sleep in a comfortable situation. When we do not get proper sleep at night we may not be able to perform our work in office properly and it may create a problem related to fatigue. So it is advisable to have a sound sleep at night.

  • Communication Problem:

Consumer Behaviour

When there is a loud and excessive noise it is not comfortable for two people to communicate the information between each other freely. And when the communication cannot be done free it may create a problem of misunderstanding the information shared by the other person. The constant loud noise can also give us a severe headache and it disturbs our emotions.

  • Effect of Wildlife:

Effect of Wildlife

The animal is more dependent on sound than the human beings which can cause serious problems to the wildlife due to the excess of noise pollution. The animals have a very sensitive ear they have a better sense of hearing power than the human beings as their survival depends upon their hearing power. They are able to hear very quickly the danger that is coming in their lives their ears are very much sharp and sensitive. Excessive noise affects the lives of the animals they should keep in a far distance where there is less noise.

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