Littering: Introduction, Causes, & Other Details Check Here


Littering means throwing trash of small amount in the places where it does not belong. Litter means ` to throw and leave objects on the ground or in water bodies, with an intention to not dispose of them properly.’

This littering habit makes the are unclean and undesirable to look at. Littering is also an offensive act, which can attract fines.

Fast food packaging, cigarettes butt, used cans, electrical equipment’s parts, toys, broken glasses, etc. mostly contribute to littering elements. People often throw wastes from their cars, leave the wrappers and waste anywhere in public places, and leaving the flowing garbage in dustbin all these amounts to littering.

Littering has become a common practice today. It is tragic because it makes our society look ugly and also it is economy draining too. Our government spent millions of currencies in clearing out this litter each year.

Causes of littering:


Research has proven that people throw waste in public places due to their ignorance or if they see already scattered rubbish around. In both the cases, they add to the amount of litter present in an area.

Construction works:

Due to construction work some of the wastes like cardboard, cement, sand, marble, wood and many such residues are generated, which litter around in an area. Also, workers working in construction waste also create litter.

People’s wild nature:

Today people have become too lazy and careless to throw the waste in a proper place. The busy schedule can also be the reason why they put the garbage in the bins. People today have become so careless that they do not feel the necessity of throwing their wastes in proper place. They throw it from the windows of their houses or moving vehicle.

People’s attitude:

Because there is no strict rule against littering people takes it casually. They have built this attitude that “I do not care” and “even others are doing.” Without using their conscience, they blindly follow others. Through their position, it can be understood that they do not want to at least think about the consequences of their actions in the long run.

Non-availability of Dustbins:

Many times it has been found that even though people are willing to avoid litter, but they are unable to find any in the area they stand. Forcibly they are made to throw the waste anywhere they like. Also, in case if there is thrash available, they are often already filled. There are no proper mechanisms to put up thrash container and to clear those containers.

Problems caused due to littering:

Harm any person:

Trashes which litter may contain fetal objects like blades, needles, etc. this can be dangerous if any person comes in contact with it.

Can spread epidemic:

Because of a collection of the heap of litters and no mechanism to clear that litter many parasites/insects/worms can breed into it which can spread deadly diseases. Most of the time the components of waste in the offspring provides a mechanism for growth of bacteria’s and parasites.


Because of littering many toxic chemicals can be released from it which can directly or indirectly get mixed with water bodies or soil and hence contaminate it. In case there are cigarettes butts in litter they can catch fire, we can become so huge to burn down whole village or forest, hence, in turn, causing air pollution and increasing global warming.

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