Example of Chemical Change: Definition, Types & example

We all experience Chemical modification daily in lots of things around us. People should think of a Fried Egg, Rotten Orange, Poop and Rusted Nail – all these types of things are used to involve an Object (matter) going through a process which can’t be reversed.

Due to the Chemical process (reaction) which is used to cause that modification. We all say that there is a chemical modification in a matter when the internal makeup (molecules) of the Object modifies.

Chemical modification can’t be reversed, unlike the Physical modification. A modification that can’t be reversed is known as Non-Reversible Change.

There is basically one or more than one substance is created or formed from that modification. People can be able to tell that there is a Chemical Modification, when it is used to generate a Light, Smell, Fire (Heat), Gas or Color Modification.

A Chemical Modification may also be accompanied due to the formation of the Solid in the formation of a precipitate and in some of the cases; it is accompanied by the Loss or gain of energy. There is a better example of Change that occurs when the people fry an egg.

When the people fry an egg, then people should notice that how the Liquid egg-white part becomes Solid as well as it modifies to pure White Color. The properties of the Fried Eggs are quite different from that of the uncooked egg.

Here there is another example. This is as Follows:-

Example of Chemical Change

People should think of the Dry Wood in the Fireplace. When we all light up the Wood, it is used to burn gently and after sometimes it will turn into Ashes.

It is used to generate the Light, Heat, and Smoke which escapes through the Chimney, as it burns. The Fire, Light, Heat, and Smoke are all the better characteristics of a Chemical Reaction that is used to result in a completely new matter – Ashes.

People should note that the Ashes that are from the burning wood have the whole new molecular composition. It can’t be able to change into Wood again.

Here there are 10 common types of examples of the Chemical Modification that people can be able to find out in their Home. They are as follows:-

1) Rusting Nails or Aluminium or Metals.

2) Baking Cakes.

3) Exploding Fireworks.

4) Burning Log/Wood or Lighting a Match.

5) Rotting and Ripening of Bananas.

6) Digesting Food in your Tummy.

7) Producing Salt and Water by mixing an acid with a Base.

8) Grilling Chicken or Baking Turkey.

9) Milk going/gone bad.

10) Modifying Color of Autumn Leaves.

People should look at this Essential Notes. They are as follows:-

People should look at this Essential Notes.

When the people eat, our bodies are used to digest the Food as well as convert sugars into energy, proteins into the Body cells. When the people breathe, their Lungs absorb Oxygen from the air; they breathe in and use the oxygen for enriching the Blood.

All these types of activities in the people’s bodies are chemical activities. Their end results can’t be able to reverse.

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