Environmental  Issues: Introduction, Kinds, List, Types, Check Here


Environment means anything related to the natural world and issues arises due to the impact of human activities on the environment.

Environmental issuesEnvironmental issues are caused by human activities on the biophysical environment, such human activities which are against nature and hence harmful to the environment.

Nowadays about 70% of disaster are related to climate change. Climate changes and calamities due to such changes are at peak.

Environment destruction caused by humans is a global problem and these problems are increasing day by day. The human effect can be seen simply by observing changes in the natural surrounding.

Kinds of Environmental issues: major current environmental issues may include;

Climate change:

Climate change
it is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns when such changes last for an extended period of time. Climate changes are evident through the changes in the solar radiation which penetrates the earth’s atmosphere, changes in the chemical composition of air around troposphere like, increasing amount of greenhouse gasses, increase in the number of dust particles and other air pollution, depletion in the ozone layer, deforestation, volcanic eruptions etc.

Environmental degradation:

Environmental degradation means damage to the surrounding through depletion of natural components like air, water, and soil, the destruction of ecosystems, habitat destruction like deforestation, rivers running dry etc. the extinction of various wildlife species like rhinoceros, white elephants and many plant species and also due to pollution.

Resource depletion:

Due to increase in population, the demand for resources has also increased, but ironically the resources available are very limited on earth. As a result of high demand, there is rapid depletion of natural resources to suffice the demands, hence proving a threat for further generations.


Environmental issues today has reached so much that Earth has become more prone to disasters and tragedies. Here is the list of major environmental issues:

  • Pollution of air, water, and soil is done in the almost every corner of the world today. Recovery from such types of pollution requires millions of years. High use of motor vehicles, deforestation, dumping water bodies with waste, the unnatural death of marine life, use of pesticides, smokes from chimneys and many more like factors has deteriorated the climate so much that we can see only dust and smog around us. That is why pollution is a very serious issue today.
  • Global warming emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses like methane (CH4), Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, freons, chloroform carbons etc. has led to the depletion of ozone layers hence causing allowing harmful UV rays to easily penetrate earth’s atmosphere, which in turn causes serious environmental issues. Harmful gases coming out of air conditioners, spray cans, forest fire, etc. release the highest amount of greenhouse gases.


The population on earth is increasing drastically. Due to increase in population, the pressure on resources is increasing. This increasing demand is causing exploitation of resources which are limited on earth.


Natural resources depletion:

Fossil fuels, consumption results in the emission of greenhouse gasses which is responsible for global warming and climate change.

  • Waste disposalDisposal of waste material has become a matter of discussion today. Wastes like plastic, sewage, radioactive waste etc. have become difficult to dispose of. Plastic being cheap is used for many purposes, is unperishable, which is difficult to dispose of.
  • Acid rancid rain is known for the environmental problem that can have a serious effect on human, plant, and animal lives including marine life. Sue to the burning of fossil fuels, volcanic eruptions etc. the amount of Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide increases into the atmosphere of the earth. These gases are heavier and denser than air, they stay at a bottom level only. When the rainwater comes down these gases come along with rainwater and that causes acid rain.

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