Energy Sources: Introduction, Meaning, List, Check Here


There are many different sources of energy found on earth. The use of this energy sources is done for production of electricity, as man use electricity for almost every work. The energy sources on earth can be mainly divided as renewable energy and non- renewable energy.


Energy can be explained as, power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work machines. The source is the point from where we obtain energy.

List of energy sources:

Fossil fuels:

Fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are non – a renewable source of energy. Fossil fuel provides most of the energy used on earth, in the form of coal, oil etc. These fossil fuels are used to generate electricity by burning then and converting into energy. There are different forms of fossil-like:


It is the most abundantly used fossil. Coals are a fastest growing fossil. It is coal that brought industrial revolution by its use. Earlier every machine used to work with the help of coal. But the reserves of this fossil are very limited on earth.

Natural gas:

It is the widely available natural reserve. With the improvement in technology, the use of natural gas had also improved and increased. There is a variety of use of natural gas.


Oil is an important source of energy which is widely used. Due to its high demand, the prices of oil are always increasing. Most of the countries have to import oil due to its large use. Most of the oil reserves on earth are found in and around Arab countries.

Nuclear fuel:

There are still debated about nuclear energy being renewable or non-renewable. Nuclear energy is energy that is generated by splitting the nucleus of an atom. This energy can be generated by two processes: nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Since production of energy by nuclear fusion reaction on earth can lead to the destruction of earth, most commonly used method is nuclear fission. It is also extremely affordable and much of it is produced in abundance.

Renewable energy:

Renewable energy is that energy that does not get depleted by its use. It is the use of natural phenomenon like wind, tide, sun etc. for production of energy.

solar energy:

The energy that is obtained from sun rays is called solar energy. This energy is obtained by converting heat and light energy from the sun into electrical energy. Solar panels, solar cooker, solar heater, solar cells and many other devices are used to convert solar energy into another form of energy. Mainly solar energy is converted into electrical energy but in a solar cooker, it is converted into chemical energy. As there is the unlimited availability of solar energy this energy source is never-ending.

wind energy:

Wind energy is a form of energy like solar energy. The process in which the power of wind is used to generate electricity is called wind energy. This energy is generated with the help of wind turbine at wind power station. Wind energy is renewable and eco-friendly.

Geothermal energy:

It means using energy from beneath the earth and is converted into electricity and other forms of energy.


These are substitutes obtained from plants. This is sustainable energy that does not cause harm. It is produced mainly by processing organic sewage wastes.

Tidal energy:

Tidal energy is that energy which is generated by current waves. This energy is generated with the help of hydro-power plant.




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