Endangered List Of Speciel 2019: Plant, Animal, Check Here


Because of human thirst for a high standard of living and their increasing population, they encroach upon the area which has been reserved by nature for plants and animal species. This makes the species homeless and vulnerable. Right from the era of human settlement there are thousands of species that have becomes extinct and thousands of them are in danger list.

List of endangered species:




Sharon Goatgrass

  • Scientific name- Aegilops sharonensis
  • Feature- Goatgrass is a secondary wild relative of bread wheat, durum wheat, and other wheat species. In the year 2017, it was marked as vulnerable due to non-availability of suitable habitat for such plant to grow.

Red Rice: 

  • scientific name- Oryza rufipogon
  • features- It is genetically related to cultivated rice and African rice. In 2017 it was added to IUCN Red List as endangered plant species.

Meconopsis superb:

This plant is mostly found in an area around western Bhutan. It Is mainly used for ornamental purposed. Due to the burning of grasslands for cattle grazing, this plant has become vulnerable.

Pittosporum brivispinium:

This plant is found near New Caledonia. It is a small tree. Due to decline in dry forest vegetation, this species is continuously declining.

Rhododendron Kesangiae:

This species is found near Bhutan. It grows amongst Rhododendrons and bamboos in Fir and Hemlock forests.


Polygala Irregularities :

It is found in an area of Gujarat. It is also known as milkwort. This plant is annual as well as the perennial plant. It has become the rare due use of land by a human for their dwelling.

Lotus Corniculatus :

It is also known as Bird’s food and is found in Gujarat. It belongs to pea Familia.

Acacia Planifrons:

This plant grows as a shrub or a short tree and was mainly found in Tamil Nadu state. This full-grown tree looks like an umbrella.



Great one horned Rhinoceros :

It is also known as Indian Rhinoceros. In India, it is found in Kaziranga National Park, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared this species to be vulnerable.

Nilgiri Tahr :

Nilgiri Tahr is considered as the state animal of Tamil Nadu. This species is facing great challenges for its survival in western Ghats. Because of poaching and eucalyptus cultivation degradation, the population of Tahr is decreasing rapidly.

Bengal Tigers:

Bengal Tigers are referred to as Big cats. It is a national animal to two countries, viz, India and Bangladesh. Because of human activities and poaching the counting of these auspicious tigers are decreasing day by day. There is a various campaign run throughout the nationals so as to protect this endangered species.

Asiatic Lion:

They are also known as Asiatic Lion or Persian Lion. A large population of Asiatic Lions is found in Gujarat, India. As per 2017 report, only 200 Asiatic Lions are left now.

Black Buck :

These are found in abundance in grasslands, plains, and scrubs of India. In India, they are called as “ Indian Antelope”. Black Buck are declining rapidly due to hunting, conversion of grassland into another place, not suitable for their habitats, overgrazing, and inbreeding etc.


Western Ghats of India is home to this rare species called LION TAILES MACAQUE. Lion Tailed Macaque is an old-world monkey and is amongst the 16 Macaques species. Lion Tailed Macaques is one of the worlds most endangered species.


Snow Leopard is believed to be descendent of wild cats and panther family. They are mostly found in the Himalayan region. Its unique peculiarity is its tails as it is around 80 to 105 cm long. Their population is declining because they are illegally hunted down for their fur smuggling. Even their bones are smuggled as traditional Asian medicine.

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