Classifications of Matter: Define, Element & Example

In the Science Study, it is very much essential to know about all the Solids are not similar, all the gases are not similar and all the Liquids are not the same. In addition to that, it is quite essential to understand that why all the Liquids are not similar and why some Liquids are purer as compared to other Liquids in terms of their Chemical compositions or makeup.

Due to all these things, Classification of the matter is essential. So now we will go to Classification of Matter.

Classification of Matter

Classification of Matter

The Classification of Matter

There are two Categories of the Matter: – Mixtures and Pure Substances. This type of Classification is based on the composition which is Internal to that Matter.

By using the Composition for describing the matter is better as compared to using its state as the internal makeup makes the matter unique as well as not its state or phase.

For Example,

For Example

Water can be Solid, Vapor or usual Liquid.

Scientifically it is not correct to say that the Water is a Liquid, even though we all know that the Water is basically a Liquid. In the same vein, classifying matter is only as per its Size, Color or Weight is not enough as two identical objects can be of the similar Color, but their internal makeup may be different.

For Example: – From a Lake, a Glass of Water may look as well as weigh the similar like another identical Glass of Water from the other lake – but it doesn’t mean that both are same. They are all Water, but the composition of the Chemical may differ.

So we shall see in more detail about the Classification and various different forms and ways in which the matter is mixed up, made up and if they can be able to get separated. It should be first very essential for you to get clear about the meaning of some words.



The element is a kind of Substance which is made up of only one type of Atom. Example -: Oxygen is an element which is made only from the Oxygen Atoms.

For your understanding, we will see how the Atoms behave. Each and Every Element is made up of Atoms.

Atom is the smallest piece which exists in an element. You will require putting the Lakhs of Atoms together for getting an element of half a Millimeter in size.

An Atom is made up of Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons. The diagram on your left side is an Atom illustration.

The Nucleus is the Center part. Atoms which are in some Elements don’t join up with other Atoms of the similar Element.

Helium is an example. Atoms of the Helium exist alone and they can look like this:

With the other Atoms of the similar Element, some Atoms can join up. When there is a joining of the 2 or more than 2 Atoms, they form a Molecule.

Oxygen is a Molecule as it has the 2 Atoms which are joined together. A Molecules of the Oxygen looks like those Molecules which are in the above diagram.

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