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There are millions of species living on earth. Some are discovered by us, and many are still unknown. Chaparral is a biome found mainly near the coastal region of continents like the west coast of Australia, north, and South America, cape town, the cost of Mediterranean zone.

What is chaparral?

Chaparral is a biome where a particular type of vegetation of tangled shrubs and thorny trees are found.
This region is ecologically as well as economically valuable.

Location of Chaparral region-

This type of biome is located at around 30 to 50 degrees North and
about 30 to 40 degrees south.

Ecological significance:

This region is ecologically significant because it provides, protection from soil erosion, it has the moderate climate, generates underground water reserves, and the habitats of exciting wildlife.

Wildlife found in chaparral-

The animals found here are mainly nocturnal, i.e., active after sunset. This happens because during daytime the weather is sweltering and dry and on the contrary, it is colder at night. Due to this type of weather animals here are active during the night and hence sear for food during night time. Here are some of the fauna found in chaparral zone:

Golden jackal-

They can survive in different types of domain.
They have an omnivorous diet.
They can also adventure into human habitation and feed themselves on garbage.
The species of this animal is rapidly declining.
They grow thick fur coat as protection during the winter season.
Jackals are found all over India.

Black-Tailed- Jackrabbit-

They are not rabbits but hares.
They are popularly called “jackass rabbits” because of their long ears.
Their average speed is about 40 mph.
There are five different species of jack-rabbits found in central and western part of North America.
With the help of their legs, these hares can impel up to 10ft.
The peculiar feature of large ears is to regulate body temperature.
They are herbivorous animals.

Spotted skunk:

These are omnivorous.
They release an offensive odor to drive away their defenders.
They are mainly found in southwestern California and some areas between of Costa Rica and British Columbia.
These animals move like a cat. They even look like a cat.
They built their den by burrowing soil and lives there.
Spotted skunk is the smallest type of skunk.
They mainly feed on rats and rodents.


They are a carnivorous animal.
Their diet mainly includes termites.
Their long sticky tongue not only assists them in licking termites but also helps them to survive in the environment.
In appearance, they look like dogs.
They also have long ears which help them to hear the movement of termites beneath the ground.
Surprisingly these long ears have one more function to do; they help Aardwolf to lose heat.
Their forelegs are also long, and hind legs are short.
They leave in underground burrows.
They found in the region of Angola to Zambia, Fynbos of South Africa and in Southern Egypt.
They are relatives of hyenas, but they are small and shy.
As they look like dogs, they also move like them.
They reach sexual maturity at the very early age of 2 years.


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