25 Air Pollution’s Fact Which You Must Not Be Knowing, Check Here




Air is something which has no replacement. The atmosphere is what we breathe, what we need for being alive. Every species on this earth no matter how small or significant requires air for their survival, a wind which is pure. This air is getting polluted every day and each minute. Air being omnipresent and has no alternative air pollution is deadly and can lead to the extinction of life on earth.


Air Pollution:

When there is the presence of harmful gases, dust, smoke, chemicals, odor and other microscopic particles in the atmosphere it is called air pollution.

Air Pollution Facts:


  • Air pollution has caused many premature deaths worldwide.
  • According to the survey conducted by the Lancet, about 18,000 people die every day due to inhalation of polluted air.


  • There is about 25% death in India only because of Air pollution and about 65% of deaths in Asia.
  • In China, about 3,00,000 people die due to air-borne diseases and heart diseases caused by air pollution.
  • It is estimated that in the coming years the death rate will increase due to contamination of the air.
  • Air pollution not only causes the death of living but also cause loss of economy.
  • The World Bank estimates that a loss of $ 255 billion is caused every year due to air pollution in the global economy.
  • Patna and Delhi cities in India are amongst the worlds heavily polluted cities.
  • PM (particulate matter) is very subtle particle in air.
  • When the ppm, i.e., particles per mole of the pollutants in the air increase it is called a high level of air pollution. These particles are so delicate that they get easily inhaled into our respiratory system causing various illnesses.
  • Climate change and air pollution are in direct proportion to each other. With increases in one the other factor will also increase and vice- versa.
  • Because of air pollution, the temperature on earth is increasing drastically.
  • Air pollution also increases the amount of acid rain, causes damage to standing crops, trees and settlements.
  • In India, coal power plants contribute to 50% of air pollution.
  • The fuels used today emit a tremendous amount of greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide, carbon-di-oxide, Sulphur dioxide, nitrites, etc.
  • Due to the presence of greenhouse gases in the air; the temperature of the earth is also increasing which is causing Global warming.
  • The greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have caused depletion of ozone layer surrounding the earth.

    Because of depletion of ozone layer the harmful sun rays can easily penetrate earth’s surface without any filtration. These harmful UV rays cause skin diseases like skin cancer, sunburns, sun strokes and make water bodies go dry.

  • It is estimated that by 2030 the air will become so poisonous that we will have to carry oxygen kit with us.
  • Cycling is the best to reduce harmful gas emission.
  • Deforestation is also the primary factor behind increasing in level of air pollution.
  • It is crucial to carry out various programs of planting saplings on a large scale, educating people better solution to avoid air pollution.
  • Use of electric motors can reduce a significant amount of air pollution emitted by motor vehicles.

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