25 Amazing Water Pollution Facts Which You Must Not Know


Usually, due to various human activities, the water in the water bodies like lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers, and groundwater gets contaminated, hence resulting in water pollution.
This is mainly caused when the waste from household, industries, and agriculture is let flown into natural water bodies without treating such contaminated water.
Polluted water causes nuisance and spread many water- born diseases. Dirty water is not only harmful for human consumption but also dangerous for the life of plants, animals, and organisms in and around water bodies. Water pollution can be mainly determined as surface water pollution and groundwater pollution.
Today water pollution has become major global issues.

Facts about water pollution:


  • About 70% of the earth is covered with water.
  • The most considerable body of water is ocean and so holds a most substantial volume of water.
  • There are insufficient reserves of fresh water left. It is about 2.5 5 of total water available.
  • Its tragic to say that about 320 million people in China do not have access to clean drinking water.
  • Although there are 20% of groundwater reserves in China, those reserves are highly contaminated by carcinogenic chemicals.
  • Every year about 14 billion pounds of plastic are dumped into the ocean.
  • After 2011 Tsunami in Japan, due to the nuclear reactor mishap, the Japanese government dumped about 11 million liters of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean.
  • The river Ganges in India is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. It contains waste of sewage, trash, food, and animal remains.
  • As per the report of WHO (World Health Organization) and UNICEF (United Nations Children Education Fund), about 2.5 million people do not have proper facilities of improved sanitation.
  • Because of 2011 Tsunami, about 70km long land of debris was created which is still floating out in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Arsenic is the prime element for pollution of water in Bangladesh.
  • About 40% of rivers and 46% of lakes in America are unfit for swimming, fishing or aquatic life.
  • UNICEF has reported that more than 3000 children die every day globally because of intake of contaminated drinking water.
  • Major water-borne diseases are Cholera, typhoid, and jaundice.
  • The domestic sewage like the throwing of garbage on open ground and water bodies causes around 80% of water pollution.
  • Asia had maximum numbers of polluted water bodies and compared to other continents.
  • Most of the polluted water bodies in Asia contains bacteria from human wastes.
  • Disposal of plastics in water bodies is causing the colossal destruction of marine life and death of about 1,00,000 sea animals, birds, and sea fishes.
  • The waste produced in the river contains bacteria and parasites and viruses.
  • Water contaminated by human-made actions includes heavy metals, nutrients, microbial pathogens, sediments, organic matter, etc.
  • The rate of extinction of aquatic animals has increased to 5 times more than that of terrestrial animals.
  • Due to the oil spills caused in the year 2010 in the Arabian sea, caused the death of about thousands of marine species.


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