Stop Global Warming: Introduction, Renewable energy, Check Here


Non-stop experiments and exploitation on natural surrounding by humans had let to serious global issues. The average temperature of the earth is increasing every day, each minute. This increase in temperature causes many drastic changes in the earth like melting of mountain ice, drought, drying of seas, the rise in the level of ocean water etc. The increase in the level of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has led to depletion in ozone layer thereby, allowing harmful UV rays of sun to easily penetrate the earth’s surface without any filtration. Its high time that we collectively make effort to protect or planet earth form global destruction.

Measures to stop global warming:


Planting maximum trees is the first and foremost requirement for stopping global warming. Trees absorb carbon-di-oxide and releases oxygen which is useful for respiration. More trees also clean the atmosphere of the earth and even makes the earth’s surface beautiful.

Conserve water:

Conserve water

Although 71% of earth’s surface is covered with water, not all water is suitable for consumption. Therefore we should use water wisely. We should turn off the taps immediately after use, repair any leaks at earliest. We should avoid all ways to waste water.


We should observe this principle of three R’s. We should use only that much energy which is necessary. Unnecessary use of resources will lead to its exploitation. We should reuse the materials like plastic, paper etc again and again. We should more recyclable products.

Use renewable energy :

Renewable energy is those which can renew and regenerate itself like solar, wind etc. we should make more use of this kind of energy because they are in abundance.

Less use of non-renewable energy and combustible:

Non- renewable energy is fossil fuels, petroleum etc. which is not only limited in nature but also combustible and creates a large amount of pollution. We should avoid using these energy sources and switch to renewable resources.

Reduce waste:

Waste is a great environmental issue today. We should opt for recyclable products. Products which can be recycled again and again hence it will create less strain on the environment. We can also use old appliances, furniture etc. by modifying them or instead of throwing our old car we can sell them at a lower cost.

Use more energy efficient appliances:

We should make use of energy efficient light that will emit less amount of carbon-di-oxide.
We should appliances that consume less energy and are eco-friendly. Make use of compact fluorescent light. Switch off light bulbs or electric appliances if not in use.

Use more of public transport:

In order to avoid global warming, we can use public transport or cover small distances by walking so that there is less emission of greenhouse gasses.

Avoid products with too much packaging:

Too much packing ends up in too many wastes. Hence we must avoid using product which has unnecessary too much packaging.


we should carry out different programs, seminars, make advertisement or use any other communication method to educated and inform people about increasing global warming and various modes to stop them. It is a collective effort from every person on earth that can save us from future destruction.

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