Resources: Define, Importance, Types, Resources & Used Materials

A natural resource is something that is found in nature and can be used by people. These things include water seas and fresh water, land, soils, rocks, forests vegetation, animals including fish, fossil fuels and minerals. They are called Natural Resources and are the basis of life on earth. If natural resources come from living things or organic materials, then they are considered biotic resources. Biotic resources include plants, animals, and fossil fuels. The three fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas.

Importance of natural resources: 

Importance of natural resources

A natural resource is a very important condition of the successful development of the countries. The main role of natural resources as the major driver of the economic development becomes obvious when the availability of natural resources, their uses and historical socioeconomic and technological development of the countries is compared.

Even if today the process of globalization makes natural resources available worldwide, but it still depends on the natural resources and the countries which have the right to natural resources.

Types of natural resources:

Types of natural resources

  1. Natural gas
  2. Oil
  3. Phosphorus
  4. Coal
  5. Water
  6. Air
  7. Minerals
  8. Iron
  9. Soil
  10. Forest and timbers


 Problems of natural resources: 

 Problems of natural resources



It faces a shortage of resources like water, fuel, and food due to the population of planet reaching not being able to maintain it.




It is caused by many gases and toxins released by the factories and industries and by fossil fuels burning. Soil pollution is mainly caused by the industrial waste relieve soil from essential nutrients.


Global warming

Global warming

Climate change like global warming releases the greenhouse by human practices. It raises the temperature of sea levels and also unnatural patterns such as flash floods, excessive snow or desertification.


Use of natural resource:

Use of natural resource

The use of natural resources is another nowadays environmental problem. Fossil fuel burning results in the release of greenhouse gases which plays an important role in the global warming and climate change.

Materials used by natural resources and mankind:

Materials used by natural resources and mankind

  1. Water– It is the most important natural resources.

Earth is a water planet and it is covered with the life-giving resource. Mainly the water on earth is salty we cannot drink it. The water which is fresh is a renewable resource, but as the supply of groundwater is being used up to supply the resources and is nervous water is used in many more activities like a household, in agriculture to grow crops and animals with which it requires fresh water. For drinking purpose very less amount of water is used. Freshwater is found only in the surface or underground region. A surface like a lake and rivers.  It is restored when it rains and it is decreased through evaporation. Many people do not have access to fresh drinking water.


  1. Sunlight– It is another important resource which we take for granted. However, we cannot measure how much we use daily and we don’t notice the effects we have on it. We may not be able to affect the sun and if we continue to pollute the environment, in some days the rays of the sun may not reach us.


  1. Air– We need oxygen to breathe, without the oxygen, we will die. The air contaminated causes all kind of health problems. The smog covering the cities is what we are breathing today. That’s why asthma and other pulmonary problems are common these days. We can help this by reducing the pollution by riding bikes on short distances and not using vehicles too much.


  1. Rainforests- Trees provide oxygen to the planet and these resources give us shade. It keeps cities safe from flooding and absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air. It is also used to make paper and the major coveted resource.

Coal- Coal is a very cheapest energy resource and is mostly used in fossil family. It keeps it being the best thing ever discovered, as its negative effects on the environment

effects on the environment

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