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Pollution today is something which has become omnipresent. Pollution is adding up of impurities. These impurities are harmful and poisonous not only for human life but also for surrounding plants and animals life.


Pollution means the introduction or presence of such substances in the environment, which is harmful and poisonous.

Kinds of air pollution:

Kinds of air pollution

Air pollution:

Air pollution can be defined as the condition in which there is a presence of toxic chemicals or compounds in the air, at such a high level that it is harmful to human health. Harmful gases released from factories, chimneys, forest fires etc. Contributes to air pollution. Air pollution causes various ailments like respiratory diseases, asthma, eye problems etc.

Water pollution:

. In the case of water pollution, the water gets polluted mainly because of manmade activities. Water pollution i.e. contamination of water mainly affects the ecosystem of marine life. Water pollution includes pollution of both surface water and groundwater. This has become a major global issue today. The main sources due to which water gets polluted are the disposal of toxic and harmful chemicals from industries, laboratories and also household waste, disposal of agricultural fertilizers and also accidental oil spills cause pollution of water on a large scale.

Noise pollution:

A human ear cab bears only about 1dB to 120 dB. Sound beyond this level is unbearable to humans. Similarly, animals can bear sound to a point higher than humans but even they cant bear very high range of sound. Sound pollution can lead to deafening of ears, death in marine life, animals and even of humans. High decibel of noise can even cause animals to lose their control and behave more dangerously.

Soil/land pollution:

When there is a large amount of deposit of solid and waste materials on land or underground surface in such a manner that it contaminates the soil and underground water, this is a threat to public health and hence causes public nuisance which is called LAND POLLUTION. Land pollution happens when the waste materials from industries, factories or sewage wastes are not disposed of properly. It also occurs when harmful chemicals from industries like radioactive wastes, pesticides, insecticides or any harmful gases are dumped into the soil or gets leaked from industries due to an error committed by human activities. Mining activities also include land pollution.
This type of pollution has come to notice since industrialization. Since then there has been increasing pollution of land causing harm to humans and other world species.

Radioactive pollution:

This is the most dangerous type of pollution. This pollution can happen to mismanagement in nuclear plants, improper disposal of radioactive wastes, accidents etc. Nuclear attack on Japan by the USA is still a landmark example of radioactive pollution.

Thermal pollution :

Due to air pollution and deforestation, the temperature of the earth is increasing each year which causes thermal pollution.

Effect of pollution:


Global warming:

Global warming can be referred to a large amount of increase in pollution is global warming. Deforestation, volcanic eruption like present mount Fuji , use of appliances like refrigerator, air-conditioners, vehicles etc. releases large proportion of greenhouses gases. Greenhouse gasses are those gases which are responsible for global warming. Some of the greenhouse gases are carbon monoxide, methane, chlorine-floor carbon, freons, sulfur-di-oxide, nitrite etc. The effect of this global warming are melting of glaciers, rise in level of ocean water, depletion of ozone layer , serious respiratory diseases, etc.

Health problems:

Pollution can be of air, water, noise or soil. Pollution of any kind brings with it serious health problems which are fetal in nature. Some of the ailments caused by pollution are tuberculosis, diarrhea, cholera, etc. Because of overpopulation, there is urban sprawl. Urban sprawl makes people lazy and inactive which causes them serious illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity etc.


Due to man’s lust for development, they exploit the neighboring nature around them. They cut down trees and forest which has made many plant and animal species homeless and Most of the species have already become extinct and many are on the endangered list. Also due to pollution and global warming, the climate is no longer favorable for many species and hence they become extinct.





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