Why do People Bully: Definition, Examples & Reasons points

It is quite estimated that about 20 percent of all the children’s are bullied in school anytime and also half the people have experienced of bulling at some point. Bullying means someone who keeps saying or doing things for showing their power over you.

This consists of writing or saying nasty things about you, calling you with stupid names, threatening, making you to feel uncomfortable or scared, damaging or taking your things, kicking or hitting you, making you for doing things which you do not want to do, not taking to you and leaving you out of activities. This can be able to make you feel sad, uncomfortable, afraid, depressed, hurt and alone.

It can negatively affect your performance in the Class. Research is used to show that Bullying has 3 important ingredients:-

1) Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive Behavior

In this Aggressive Behavior, there is verbal or physical attack done on the other people for causing Bodily harm or shame. Now we will go to Imbalance of Power.

2) Imbalance of Power

Imbalance of Power

The Bullying person is quite stronger, much more famous and can be able to overpower the Victim in lots of ways. So we will now go to Repetition.

3) Repetition


The Behavior re-occurs often, that fears the Victim of another Attack again. So now we will go to 4 ways bullying.

Bullying can come in any of the 4 ways. So now we will go to types of bullying.

1) Physical Bullying

Physical Bullying

Biting. Hitting. Kicking. Punching. Scratching. Spitting at/on. Tripping. Hair pulling. Physical Bullying is the MOST common form. Activity: Ask group to brainstorm types of Physical Bullying. Then, bring in types one at a time.

This Physical Bullying consists of Threatening, actually performing the action of Hitting, pushing, kicking and any other type of Physical harm. Other things consist of Hiding, Stealing or destroying your Belongings.

Sometimes you are forced to perform things that you don’t want to do it. So now we will go to Verbal Bullying.

2) Verbal Bullying

Verbal Bullying

Forms include: calling names, spreading rumors, threatening somebody, and making fun of others. Verbal bullying is one of the most common types of bullying.

This Verbal Bullying consists of poking fun at you, Teasing, people giggling, Laughing at you every time they see you, calling you with different names and insulting you. Now we will go to the Relationship Bullying.

3) Relationship Bullying

Relationship Bullying

This Bullying consist people refusing to share, talk or allow you to join in games and play activities. Other thing consists of spreading lies about you (or even or truth about something bad you did).

4) Internet, Cyber or Online Bullying

Internet, Cyber or Online Bullying

This Bullying consists of people with the help of Internet sends you embarrassing, dirty and dangerous messages, intended for causing issues to you. Now we will go to why people do Bully.

Why do people bully

Why do people bully

There are some reasons about why people bully others. They are as Follows:-

1) People can hurt, anger, direct frustration and also difficulty at home or Class to you by Bullying.

2) People can become Bully due to lack of Attention from Parents, Friends or Teachers, for becoming Famous and can be seen ‘cool’ or ‘tough’ and in charge.

3) Some children’s learned to bully from other people (brothers, parents, Friends or sisters). This Bully people get their way by becoming angry or pushing other people.

4) This Bully people believe that by putting fear in you, they can show their attitude towards other people in school or in their Neighborhood.

5) Some people also do it as they are Victims themselves.

6) Bad situations at home can make the people insensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings. They become happy for watching classmate depressed, hurt and sad.

7) Watching many violent movies as well as Video Games can make the people to do violent activities. They commonly try Bullying on that people who are smaller and weaker to them.

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