Noise Pollution: Meaning, Sources, Effect, Check Here


Noise pollution is the sound that is present in the atmosphere. Their sounds are mainly because of use or large machinery, mining process sounds large ships and airplanes and so on. As per the report of WHO the level of sound in the air is increasing very rapidly, its like earth is getting chaotic every minute.


Noise pollution can be defined as, “the rise in the level of sound which is harmful and dangerous.”
Noise pollution is also called as sound pollution.

Sources of noise pollution:

Sources of noise pollution
Noise pollution talks plane in the region where there is an excessive amount of sound which is capable of causing an imbalance in nature. Today’s scenarios are such that noise pollution is present everywhere right from the house. Here are some of the causes /sources of noise pollution:


Big machines are used in industries; these machines cause large noise. Other than machine other apparatus in factories like exhaust fans, compressors, generators and so on contributes to noise pollution.

Social events:

Social events like marriages, parties, pub, festivals etc. people usually get over excited and exceed the level of sound allowed by laws hence causing public nuisances.


There is a large number of vehicles running today on the very mode of transport let it be airways, waterways or roadways. More than 120decicel of noise is generated by a single Aeroplan or ship, noise up to this level is unbearable and unhealthy. The sound of trains also causes pollution.

Construction sites:

Construction of bridges, flyovers, railways, roads etc., are carried out in almost every country. The construction equipment makes a large amount of noise.

Household chores:

There are many electrical appliances used in our house like mixer grinder, TV, music station, air conditioner etc. these appliances collective creates a large amount of noise.

Effects of noise pollution


Hearing disorders:

Ears are capable of bearing only certain range of sound. Noise beyond that range cause trouble to the eardrum. Continuous contact with large noise can cause permanent damage to our eardrums. We can become deaf. The ear is one of our sensory organs, hence any damage to our ear is fetal for our body. Excess noise also causes harm to psychological health. The mind becomes unrest. There are headaches, migraine pains and sometimes even nerves of brains and ears break due to exposure to high volume of noise. One can also get sleeping disorder and cardiovascular diseases due to exposure to loud sound.

Trouble communicating:

High decibel of noise can create disturbances in the communication like and u can not get correct data because of it.

Affects birds:

As sound is always present in the air, it creates difficulties for the birds to navigate. Birds use sound vibes to navigate and communicate. Because of increase in the level of sound, many of bird’s species are getting extinct and most of the population of birds are dying each year.

Affects marine life:

Sound water uses the material medium to travel, thus sound can easily travel through water by using it as a medium. Like birds, even fishes like sharks, whales, seahorse and all other aquatic animals use sound waves to navigate and collect their food and reach to their destination, but due to the increase in sound waves, they get difficulty in carrying out their work. Even excess sound waves make them lose their control.





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