Land Pollution: Introduction, Meaning, Types, Deforestation, Sources,


The route cause of every calamity, climate changes, and environmental degradation are pollution. Pollution means adding of impurities into pure bodies, which is not natural components of it. Pollution can be of varied types like air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution or soil pollution also known as land pollution.


When there is a large amount of deposit of solid and waste materials on land or underground surface in such a manner that it contaminates the soil and underground water, this is a threat to public health and hence causes public nuisance which is called LAND POLLUTION.


Land pollution happens when the waste materials from industries, factories or sewage wastes are not disposed of properly. It also occurs when harmful chemicals from industries like radioactive wastes, pesticides, insecticides or any harmful gases are dumped into the soil or gets leaked from industries due to an error committed by human activities. Mining activities also include land pollution.
This type of pollution has come to notice since industrialization. Since then there has been increasing pollution of land causing harm to humans and other world species.

Types of land pollution:

Types of land pollution

Solid waste:

solid waste includes garbage that we make daily like a plastic waste, paper, cans, etc. These wastes are generated at all sort of places where human dwell like hospitals, schools, homes, offices etc. Some of the solid wastes are biodegradable like organic wastes, wood etc. but most of the waste today is non-biodegradable like plastic. These non-biodegradable wastes are what causes land pollution.


Chemicals used in agricultural work like pesticides, insecticides etc. plays a pivot cause in deterioration in nutrients of the soil. Deposits of these chemicals in the soil makes the soil lose its nutritive value gradually hence making the soil infertile.


Trees are an important part of life as they absorb carbon-di-oxide and releases oxygen which is useful for life on earth. Due to deforestation, there are great changes in earth’s atmosphere. Deforestation adds to land pollution.

Sources of land pollution:



when waste materials are burnt two types of ashes are produce, first bottom ash which is debris from the burnt metal and glass waste and other is fly ash. The bottom ash is non-biodegradable. Fly ashes are waste coming out of chimneys and vehicles. These both ashes mix with soil and makes it impure.

Agriculture source:

Agriculture sources include pesticides, insecticides or waste from crops, manure or animal waste.


Industrial sources:

Everything waste that is produced in the process of manufacturing goods like paints. Metal scrap, chemicals, plastics and so on add to land pollution.

Mining source:

Mining of coal and other minerals leads to leaching of soil and causes land pollution. The great amount of waste and gases are extracted during mining process due to use of RDX which being denser than air settles on the surface of soil hence causing land pollution.


Harmful chemicals that are released from industries, nuclear power plant adds to land pollution.

Sewage waste:

wastes from houses are called sewage waste. Even after treatment of these waste there is residue left and this residue is left in open land fields or burnt, both these methods end up pollution environment.

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