Environmental Pollution: Introduction, Meaning, Causes, Types, Check Here


Environmental pollution is the enormous problem today with earth is facing. This problem is increasing day by day and year by year. Contamination of air, water, soil, noise, and light are the primary source of environmental pollution. These pollutions are causing irreparable loss to earth.


Environmental pollution means, the presence of an introduction of such substances into an environment which is harmful and poisonous. In a nutshell, environmental pollution is disturbance caused by the natural components of air, water or soil due to adding of impurities, which produces an adverse effect on the living creatures.

How does environmental pollution take place?

Pollution occurs when any harmful pollutants through any media get mixed with the environment, and that pollutant is not biodegradable. Contaminants are impurities. Pollutants are generally waste materials, but these pollutants are the prime reason for any pollution. These pollutants if not disposed and decomposed in proper time it, disturbs our eco-system and our surroundings. Due to growth in industrialization and modernization the level of environmental pollution is increasing every day. Environmental pollution has become the most significant threat today.

Causes of environmental pollution:

Industrialization: It is the primary cause of rising in environmental pollution. The harmful gases released from industries, smoke, and other effluents increase air pollution. The chemical waste and by-product from sectors cause soil and water pollution. Like this, a single industry is capable of polluting the whole environment in all respect.

Solid residue: When solid wastes coming out of houses and small industries are not treated directly and adequately let out in natural bodies it causes pollution.

Emission form Automobiles:

Emission form Automobiles

By the use of vehicles, harmful smoke is released due to the burning of fuels like diesel and petrol which causes air pollution. Also, while launching rockets, a significant amount of fuel is burnt to generate energy which causes environmental pollution. Thus, harmful gases released from vehicles cause air pollution, and the loud noise of engine and horn from car causes noise-pollution.

Population explosion: Due to rapid multiplication of population all around the world there are great stressed caused upon resources. Colossal community creates high demands of even necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. To fulfill these necessities human exploit nature by cutting down trees for dwelling purposes, for the dress, etc.

Use of fossil fuel: Reserves of fossil fuels are not only limited on earth but even it one-ton use causes emission of significant

amount of harmful, poisonous gases.

Agricultural waste: Chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, etc. causes air, water, and soil pollution.


Types of Environmental Pollution:

  • Air pollution:

When there is the presence of harmful gases, dust, smoke, chemicals, odor and other microscopic particles in the atmosphere it is called air pollution.

  • Water pollution:

    Today water pollution has become major global issues. Dumping of industrial effluents, agricultural waste and sewage waste into water bodies causes infection of water.
    Sometimes even oil spills and algae formation of water surface also causes water pollution.

  • Soil pollution:

    Soil pollution is also called land pollution. When there is a tremendous amount of deposit of solid and waste materials on land or underground surface in such a manner that it contaminates the soil and underground water, this is a threat to public health and hence causes public nuisance which is called LAND POLLUTION.

  • Noise pollution:

    Presence of various sound in the air causes noise pollution. Sound infection can lead to deafening of ears, death in marine life, animals and even of humans. High decibel of noise can also cause animals to lose their control and behave more dangerously.

  • Radioactive pollution:

    This is a most dangerous type of corruption. This pollution can happen to mismanagement in nuclear plants, improper disposal of radioactive wastes, accidents, etc.

  • Thermal pollution:

Due to air pollution and deforestation, the temperature of the earth is increasing each year which causes thermal pollution.



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