Environmental Issues: Introduction, Overpopulation, Pollution, Check Here



Nothing is constant in nature, so is our environment. Since era there have been continuous changes in the environment and that changes are still continuing. The fact that our environment is changing is undeniable to all. With environment changes come environment problems and earth is facing great environmental problems daily. Today each and every corner of the world is affected by environmental issues.

Current environmental issues:


The population of earth is multiplying at an uncontrollable rate. Because of this increasing population, the demand for resources is also increasing. Due to the high increase in demand, there is constant carrying of deforestation, more mining, more pollution.



Unsustainable population brings with pollution problems. After industrialization and urbanization, the amount of pollution has also increased. Using of pesticides, insecticides etc. causes water and air pollution. Due to cutting down of trees the air composition has also changed as there are only less number of trees to produce oxygen. On an average a single person uses around 18 trees in his lifetime for his oxygen supply, this ratio of sustenance between men and trees has been drastically disturbed. Also, globalization has led to competitive surrounding, which only causes loss to environment and more of exploitation of resources.

Global warming:

Global warming can be referred as large amount of increase in pollution is global warming. Deforestation, volcanic eruption like present mount Fuji, use of appliances like refrigerator, air-conditioners, vehicles etc. releases large proportion of greenhouses gases. Greenhouse gasses are those gases which are responsible for global warming. Some of the greenhouse gases are carbon monoxide, methane, chlorine-fluoro carbon, freons, sulfur-di-oxide, nitrite etc. The effect of this global warming is melting of glaciers, rise in level of ocean water, depletion of ozone layer, serious respiratory diseases, etc.

Depletion in natural resources:

Natural resources are resources that we obtain from nature. Some of the natural resources are fossil fuel, petroleum, coal, crude oil, forest vegetation, etc. Due to overpopulation and industrialization, the strain on these natural resources has increased. There is a depletion of these non-renewable natural resources because of its exploitation.

Urban sprawl:

Migration of people from the high-density area to low-density area is called urban sprawl. This migration causes overcrowding, traffic, pollution by vehicles and exploitation of neighborhood. The growing demand of humans for land causes depletion of surrounding flora and fauna.

Serious health problems:

Pollution can be of air, water, noise or soil. Pollution of any kind brings with it serious health problems which are fetal in nature. Some of the ailments caused by pollution are tuberculosis, diarrhea, cholera, etc. Because of overpopulation, there is urban sprawl. Urban sprawl makes people lazy and inactive which causes them serious illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity etc.


Due to man’s lust for development, they exploit the neighboring nature around them. They cut down trees and forest which has made many plant and animal species homeless and Most of the species have already become extinct and many are on the endangered list. Also due to pollution and global warming, the climate is no longer favorable for many species and hence they become extinct.


The large-scale cutting down of forest area is called deforestation. Due to human demands, there is merciless cutting down of trees. Every minute acres of forest areas are being cut-down. Due to deforestation, there have been drastic changes in the environmental condition of the earth. As trees that produce oxygen are being cut-down the level of carbon-di-oxide is increasing in air along with other harmful gases, hence causing global warming.

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