15 Amazing Effects OF Global Warming Which You Must Not Know: Check Here


The main impact of global warming is on plants and animal lives. There are frequent calamities due to change in environment. Effect of global warming can be seen from local municipal level to international level. The impact of global warming is increasing rapidly due to increase in the number of greenhouse gases in the air.

What is Global warming?

Global warming is a condition in which the amount of carbon-di-oxide, other chemicals, and greenhouses gases increase in the atmosphere. Presence of these harmful gases absorbs more heat from sunlight which causes the rise in temperature on earth. Also, these gases break down the natural shield, i.e., ozone layer; allowing a significant amount of harmful UV rays to penetrate earth’s surface. All these factors collectively cause the greenhouse effect.

Effect of global warming:


Every year the impact of global warming is increasing. Scientists believe that if this impact continues that with a century the life on earth will come to an end. There is an effect of global warming, here is the list:

The rise in temperature:

As he said the earlier presence of greenhouse gases absorbs more heat from the sun which makes the earth’s atmosphere hotter. Due to this rise in temperature, the centuries-old glaciers are now melting causing the increase in the level of ocean water. Especially ice near the poles is melting down.
The rate of evaporation has also increased to, due to rise in temperature. This makes the water bodies run dry.

Physical impact:

The rise in sea level causes flooding of coastal areas. Their weather conditions are changing drastically. The is an increase in the rate of natural disasters. There are frequent cyclones, Tsunamis and recently there has been out the burst of volcano lava from mount Fuji after so many years. This signifies that due to global warming not only temperature above the earth is increasing but even the atmosphere beneath the ground is suffering.

Endangered species:

Research shows that due to global warming many animal species become extinct, and many are reaching to the level of extinction as they are not able to adapt to the changing weather. Many birds, animal’s folks, butterflies and plants species have moved more towards the north in search for colder places.

  • There is the rise in the level of the sea over last century.
  • There has been increasing in the amount of rain and snowfall.
  • The percentage of fresh water is decreasing on earth.
  • The life under the water is also declining. Nowadays big underwater marine fishes and mammals like blue whales, sharks, starfish, etc. can be seen on the surface of the water.
  • There are outbreaks of various allergies, respiratory diseases and skin diseases due to exposure to harmful UV rays.
  • The ecosystem is changing undesirably.
  • Global warming is changing the climate, and hence the production of food grains is adversely affected. The soil is drying out due to drought as the temperature is high.
  • Most of the animals and birds are migrating to polar region in search of better atmosphere.
  • The level of carbon -dioxide and hydrocarbon is increasing, and oxygen is decreasing.
  • On observing today’s atmosphere, it is estimated that if this condition of global warming keeps on increasing at this pace, within a century, there won’t be ant living body left on earth.

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