Eco-Friendly Products: Introduction, Meaning, List, Check Here


The pollution has raised to such a level that if we do not act today, then there will be no tomorrow. One of the best ways to reduce environmental pollution is to use more eco-friendly products and eco-friendly methods.


Eco-friendly products are those products that cause no harm or very minimal loss to the environment. Eco-friendly product and be a whole new product or any product made after recycling.

List of eco-friendly products available:


Solar powered fans:

These fans charge up by solar heat and can be used all day long.

Eco-friendly cutting board:

These types of cutting boards can be easily made at home. Board from market usually uses trees or plastic, which causes pollution. But DIY cutting boards can be made out of any waste flex, pad or cork available on the house.

Biodegradable pots:

These containers are mainly made of recycles products, and they usually start decomposing in a year.

Solar candles:

These solar candles are beautiful, bright and even aromatic. These solar candles get automatically on, in the dusk.

Eco flow showerhead:

These eco flow showers do not sacrifice with the quality and also prevent the environment by making less wastage of water.

Eco-friendly chair:

Chairs made of recycling cork are readily available in the market. This causes less production of plastic chairs and hence protect the environment.

LED Bulbs:


LED bulbs make less consumption of energy and release less carbon on its use. These led bulbs are available in various sizes.

Moss carpets:

There is designed mat made of moss. Also, the grass is believed to be good for blood circulation.

Green finger rings:

Green finger rings

we can also use rings made of wood or cork rather than using rings made of metals which cause pollution in its extraction.

Eco-friendly umbrella:

Eco- friendly umbrella is available with exceptional designs in the market. These umbrellas are made of recycled and eco-friendly products.

Babyliss hairdryer:

The company named Babyliss produces hairdryer that consumes less amount of energy,

Eco-friendly kettle:

Eco-friendly kettle uses less power than a regular pot and also makes less wastage of water.

Solar lawn mower:
Solar lawn mower operates in sunlight hence causes no pollution. Husqvarna is a company that produces eco-friendly lawn mower.

Water powered clock:
The Bedol water clock is the company that produces clock running in the rain. We have to fill a pool in the cap of the clock.

Solar powered speakers:

There is a brand sunflower that produces solar outdoor speakers. What these speakers work in solar energy is capable of storing solar energy hence saves energy.

House cleaners:

Natural elements like vinegar, baking powder, some types of oils can be used for cleaning house. The house cleaners available in market consists of lots of chemicals.

Reusable water bottles:

Reusable water bottles create less or almost no waste. It can be made of glass, steel or aluminum.

Rechargeable batteries:

There are batteries available in a market that can be charged again and again. Even there are solar batteries which requires solar heat to charge-up. It saves energy consumption.

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