Drug: Define, Works & Effects

A drug is a substance which is inhaled, smoked, injected and absorbed through patches in a living body. If dissolved under the tongue causes the temporary change in the body. It is a chemical substance which is harmful to the body and once taken, it combines with the protein of the body. In some of the pharmacology, it is a medication used for treating cure, prevent or any disease. However, it is obtained from a medicinal plant.   It is used as an exception to food and water when taken into the body and changes the body’s function either physically or psychologically.  Some drugs are illegal such as alcohol and tobacco and some are illegal such as cocaine and heroin. The drugs affect the nervous system and change the person’s mood, thinking, and behavior.

How to stay away from drugs?

How to stay away from drugs

  • Explain to your teen how the teen brain works and that it is extremely sensitive to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.
  • Work together to identify risky situations and possible consequences.
  • Practice ways to avoid risks, particularly under pressure from peers.
  • Be sure your teen knows how you feel about drugs and alcohol and be consistent in what you do to reinforce these values.
  • Learn about the drugs that teens are using in your area. Talk with your teen about these drugs.
  • Lock up drugs your doctor gives you. Get rid of old drugs you don’t use.
  • Find out what students learn at school about drinking and drug use. Make sure your teen’s school addresses both of these issues.
  • Spend time with your teen. Teens who feel close to their parents are less likely to drink or use drugs.

Why do people take drugs?

Why do people take drugs

People take drugs to change the boring life into something. Some of them are addicted to it as per the habit and many try to experiment on themselves but some people take drugs to get through stress, depression and when they bore about things they use this method thinking it may give them relaxing. This drug is a solution but leads to becoming the problem as well. Because the effect of the drug is worse than the problem one is facing in life and trying to solve it.

How does it work?

How does it work

Drugs are eventually the poisons. The quantity taken decides the effect of it. If taken in small amount speeds up the level of nervous activity and a great amount of it acts as calm and sleep and slows you down. But the huge amount of poison can kill. The only amount needs to get you to the desired different changes in the body. Many drugs can affect directly to the mind which can destroy the life and who so ever will not be able to guess what is happening around him. It may cause changes in actions like odd, abnormal and distraction. Drugs are the medicines that are meant to speed up or slow down or change something about the way your boding is functioning.  It is sometimes necessary but as far they are drugs they can also kill you when taking too much. It depends upon you how you take the dangerous medicines as they are supposed to take or as illegal drugs.

Effects of drugs:

Effects of drugs

Drugs mainly affect the brain. When someone remembers something the mind is very fast and they remember it quickly. But drugs tent to wash off your memory causing you blank.  Still, if he or she tries to remember the things about anything they are unable to do so. The drug makes the person slow and stupid which leads to failure in life. And due to life getting harder and failure they want more drugs to help to deal with their problems hoping to get calm and stress-free from it.

Reasons for teen drug abuse:

  • Too much pressure and social influence
  • Self-medication
  • Performance pressure
  • Anxiety, Depression and another mental health issues.

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