What is Drought: Definition, Types, Causes, Effects, Check Here

Water is such an important part of our lives. It can affect the communities and environment in many ways. A drought is when there is the absence of precipitation over an extended period of time, usually a season or more, resulting in a water shortage for some activity, group, or environmental sector. It impacts result from the interaction between the natural event and the demand people place on water supply, and human activities can worsen the impacts of drought.

How to prepare yourself for drought?

How to prepare yourself for drought

  1. Check water levels in your wells and other sources at least weekly and keep good records. Look for changes that occur over time, especially a continuing decline in the water level.
  2. Watch for other indicators of a potential water shortage, including sediments in the water, the air in the water when taps are turned on, unusual water quality problems, and increased customer complaints. Be particularly attentive to excessive usage by customers.
  3. Have emergency sources tested? If you have an existing emergency or backup source, get it tested now for coliform and nitrates so it is ready to go online if there is a water shortage.
  4. Appoint a water-shortage or emergency-response coordinator to ensure effective preparation, communication and technical procedures are in place.
  5. Find leaks and repair them. Leaky water pipes can waste large amounts of water. Reducing water loss through leak detection should be a priority for every water system with more than 20 percent unaccounted-for water, even more so when faced with drought or other potential limits on supply.

How can we help to reduce drought if we are in it?

How can we help to reduce drought if we are in it

To reduce the impacts of drought is by saving water. if we use the water carefully at all times, much water will be stored and available for us and to plants and animals when the drought occurs. We lose lots of water during everyday tasks, like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can save more water.

Types of drought:

  1. Meteorological drought:

Meteorological drought

It is defined on the basis of dryness, compared to a normal or average amount and the time of dry period.

  1. Agricultural drought:

Agricultural drought

It is linked with the meteorological drought to agricultural impacts, focusing on precipitation shortages, differences between actual and potential evapotranspiration, soil water deficits, reduce groundwater or reservoir levels and so on.

  1. Hydrological drought:

Hydrological drought

Hydrological drought is concerned with the low discharge and low volume of water in streams and reservoirs, lasting months or years. Hydrological drought is a natural happening. Changes in land use and land demeaning can affect the magnitude and frequency of hydrological droughts.

  1. Socioeconomic drought:

Socioeconomic drought

Socioeconomic is defined as the drought connects to the supply and demand of some economic good with elements of meteorological, hydrological and agricultural drought. It differs from other types of drought in that its event depends on the processes of supply and demand.

Causes of drought:

Causes of drought

A drought is a period of drier-than-normal conditions that result in water-related problems. A drought in your area can happen by places upstream from you not receiving enough moisture. Drought can be caused by less water in the river for you and other people who live along the river to use. It is caused by not receiving rain and snow over a period of time. Soil moisture levels also contribute to drought. Drought can also be a supply and demand of water issue. People can also play a big role in drought. If we use too much water during times of normal rainfall, we might not have enough water when a drought occurs.

Effects of drought in our lives:

Effects of drought in our lives

Water is such an important part of our day to day activities. Drought affects our lives in different ways. We need water for survival and animals and plant also too. Water is required for the growth of foods that we eat. Water is also used for different other things in our lives such as washing dishes and clothes, cooking and bathing. Water is also used to help to make the electricity we use to run the lights in our houses and the video games you may like to play. If there is no water for these activities because of drought, many people and many different things will be affected in many different ways.

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