Deforestation Solution: Introduction, Meaning, Solution, Check Here


When we think about nature or environment then trees are the first thing that picturizes in our mind. Nature without trees is very impossible. But sine pas few decades that has been great destruction of this natural beauty, all because of human’s unsatisfying needs. Today there are cutting down of trees and forests in almost every part of the earth. As a result of this, we are facing great environmental calamities. It is high time that we start protecting our environment and planting more trees as far as possible, as it is rightly said that: “IT TAKES ONE GENERATION TO PLANT TREES BUT NEXT TO ENJOY IT.” Large-scale cutting done of trees is generally referred to as deforestation.


Deforestation means, “action of cleaning of large of forests by cutting down trees. “



The amount of deforestation today has reached to such an extent that if not stopped today that there will be hardly any trees or rather forests left by the end of the century. Without being sarcastic it can be said that the first and foremost solution for stopping deforestation can be putting a speed breaker on the never-ending demands of humans.” Here is the list of ideas that can be adapted to avoid deforestation and protect our nature and future:

Improved agricultural methods:

Forest lands are cleared mainly for agriculture and cattle grazing. With an improved agriculture method, we can avoid cutting down of trees.

Adaption of cyclic agriculture:


Cyclic agriculture means, after the continuous process of agriculture for certain years the land loses its nutritive value, but it also regains it after a certain period of time. The time period of land fir for agriculture and the period it is not fir can be used separately hence creating less strain on forest reserves.

Switch to reuse and recycling products:

By switching to the principle of three R’s, we can use plastic and paper to its maximum utility level. Also, we can adapt production method we can reduce less strain on forest produce like paper, wood etc. If we reuse and recycle our papers, plastic, and other materials there will be less cutting of trees.

Environment-friendly forestry:

We can also use eco-friendly forestry. This means that stopping the use of forest trees is inevitable because of human demands. So, we can switch to the eco-friendly manner of forestry, in this method only selected and the little-damaged tree is cut down and removed from the forest area without causing much damage to the neighboring vegetation. This will support the growth of good quality trees and hence human needs can also be satisfied.

International law and regulations:

Due to tempting forest products and a huge economy that can be made out of it, it seems difficult to stop the smuggling of forest produce. But if there are strict laws and specified punishment for such offenses against destroying the forest, this merciless deforestation can be reduced. Hence strict and uniform laws and regulation should be framed at international level so as to protect the earth and prevent deforestation.


Reforestation means replanting of trees. Although the destruction caused since these years is huge and seems irreparable still there is no problem without a solution. We can carry out large-scale programs for tree plantation. It is collective efforts of every person on earth that can protect us from self-destruction.

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