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Bio remediation: Introduction, Definition, Meaning, Types, Check Here

Bio remediation

INTRODUCTION: Bioremediation is processed in which organisms are used to clean the contamination. Bioremediation can be categorized as in situ and ex-situ. The use of bioremediation technology depends on various factors like the site, population, indigenous microorganism, level of toxicity and many more such factors. Bioremediation : According to Merriam Webster, bioremediation can be defined […]

Wastewater Treatment: Introduction, Bio filtration, Conclusion, Check Here

Wastewater Treatment

INTRODUCTION: Water pollution has reached an alarming height today. The first step to curb this pollution is to treat the water before it is set out in waterbodies. The process by which the wastewater is treated is called wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater treatment plant is also called sewage treatment plant.  Wastewater treatment: Wastewater treatment means […]

Sustainable Energy: Introduction, Meaning, Examples, Types, Check Here

Sustainable Energy

  Introduction: Sustainable energy is energy that brings balance in the rate of consumption of energy. The organizing principle of sustainable energy is sustainable development. Sustainable development includes four main sectors viz., ecology, economics, politics, and culture. Meaning: Sustainable energy means that types of energy which by its use doesn’t cause any danger to the […]

Environmental Pollution: Introduction, Meaning, Causes, Types, Check Here

Environmental Pollution

Introduction: Environmental pollution is the enormous problem today with earth is facing. This problem is increasing day by day and year by year. Contamination of air, water, soil, noise, and light are the primary source of environmental pollution. These pollutions are causing irreparable loss to earth. Meaning: Environmental pollution means, the presence of an introduction […]