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Environmental Degradation: Introduction, Meaning, Resources affected, Causes, Effects

Environmental Degradation

Introduction: Environmental degradation is the destruction of the environment. When any natural habitats are destroyed, or any natural resources get depleted, the occurs ecological degradation. MEANING: Environmental degradation means, any change or disturbances in the natural surrounding which is undesirable and permanent. It is depletion of nature through the extinction of plant and animal species, […]

25 Amazing Water Pollution Facts Which You Must Not Know

Water Pollution

INTRODUCTION: Usually, due to various human activities, the water in the water bodies like lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers, and groundwater gets contaminated, hence resulting in water pollution. This is mainly caused when the waste from household, industries, and agriculture is let flown into natural water bodies without treating such contaminated water. Polluted water causes nuisance […]