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Environmental Degradation: Introduction, Meaning, Resources affected, Causes, Effects

Environmental Degradation

Introduction: Environmental degradation is the destruction of the environment. When any natural habitats are destroyed, or any natural resources get depleted, the occurs ecological degradation. MEANING: Environmental degradation means, any change or disturbances in the natural surrounding which is undesirable and permanent. It is depletion of nature through the extinction of plant and animal species, […]

Bio remediation: Introduction, Definition, Meaning, Types, Check Here

Bio remediation

INTRODUCTION: Bioremediation is processed in which organisms are used to clean the contamination. Bioremediation can be categorized as in situ and ex-situ. The use of bioremediation technology depends on various factors like the site, population, indigenous microorganism, level of toxicity and many more such factors. Bioremediation : According to Merriam Webster, bioremediation can be defined […]