Benefits of fracking: Introduction, Meaning & Others, Check Here


Fracking is a process in which natural gas and oil are extracted beneath the earth surface by releasing water and some chemical at high pressure. It is also called hydraulic fracturing. With the help of fracking, we can reach more distance below the earth hence resulting in the availability of more deposits of reserves.


Fracking is hydraulic fracturing. In the process of fracking some chemical liquids, water or sand are injected into the earth subterranean rocks, boreholes and so on, at high pressure, which result into cracking of fissures and helps in extraction of minerals.

Benefits of Fracking:

Compared to other fossil fuels fracking has a much better response than coal.

Reduction in air pollution:

Earlier the use of fossil fuels caused the release of a high amount of harmful gases in the air. But with fracking pollution of air reduces. In fracking, natural gas is more extracted hence the dependency shifts from coal and other fossil fuels to natural gas. Combustion of natural releases very less amount of harmful gasses that pollutes the environment. In the excavation of coal, various harmful gases like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released which used to cause the death of about thousands of people. On the other hand, use of natural gas does not emit such harmful gases hence lives are saved with the help of natural gas.

Less emission of greenhouse gases.:

The gigantic benefit of using natural gas by the fracking process is that it emits very minimal about of harmful greenhouse gases. Combustion of coal releases significant amount of poisonous gases, compared to that natural gases even does not emits 44 to 50 percent of greenhouse gases.

Economic benefits:

With the technique of fracking, the dependency on import has reduced. Countries can search for a source of natural gas and install powerplant to carry out the fracking program. With fracking, substantial deposits of natural gas and oils can be extracted in a small region. Thus, fracking reduces imports and increases the national economy by fulfilling the demands of its home production.

The abundance of gas and oil-
. Fracking allows us to reach deep down in the earth’s surface, which makes deposits of natural gas and oil available to us. Fracking process drills down beneath the earth surface; thus, we can drill any part can extract natural gas oil as earth is filled with resources.

Employment opportunities:


With the installation of fracking projects, the requirement of workers also increases. This generates employment opportunities. As there are lots of reserves of natural gas and oil, this employment opportunity is likely to increases more. With the rise in fracking projects, there has been 67% growth in employment.

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