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AIR when we think of this word it is something which is given to us by nature. Nobody owns the air, everyone enjoys equal right to have access to pure and clean air. Pollution means mixing of impurities. When air composition gets adulterated with air pollutants, then, the air becomes harmful for consumption. Air pollution may be caused by natural effect or by manmade causes.


Air pollution can be defined as the condition in which there is the presence of toxic chemicals or compounds in the air, at such a high level that it is harmful to human health.



There are thousands of reason for the air to get polluted. Almost every human activity is directly or indirectly responsible for polluting the air. Here is the list of some of the important reason for  the air pollution:




BURNING OF FOSSIL FUEL is the core reason for air pollution. When any fossil like coal, petroleum etc. is burned this combustion causes the release of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in the air hence polluting it.




Frequent use of pesticides and insecticides not only causes harm to crops but also, in turn, pollutes the air. Also, the waste release of agricultural products contains a great amount of ammonia which if comes into contact with air is deadly.



A large amount of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, organic compounds, and chemicals are released into the air through chimneys of factories. Also, some factories dispose of their waste by burning which also releases harmful gases in the air and pollutes it.


  • Mining operations :

Extraction of mineral ores from underground earth is called mining. During this process lot of chemicals and dust particles are released from beneath the earth this harms the air pollution.



    Household cleaning products, gadgets, and appliances release greenhouse gases which are so dangerous that it causes global warming by depleting ozone layers.



Effects Air Pollution

  • Airborne disease:

    Due to an increase in air pollution, the amount of harmful dust particles in the air increases which when inhaled causes serious ailments like respiratory diseases, heart diseases and even affect vision.


    A large number of greenhouse gases are released every day which cause depletion of ozone layer hence breaking the earth’s shield and allowing harmful UV raise to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere. Due to this rate of global warming has increased, the glaciers are melting hence causing an increase in the level of water in oceans, serious skin diseases like skin cancer have become evident, there are frequent forest fires and drastic changes in weather condition.


    As harmful gasses are being released from industries, by burning waste, and by forest fires, these gases being heavier than air stays near to earth’s troposphere and causes acid rain. These gases come down with rainwater and cause havoc.

  • Effect on flora and fauna:

Because of harmful chemicals like ammonia. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen etc. plants and animals life is highly affected.  Due to these chemicals, green algae is formed on the surface of water, rocks, and barks of trees hence causing harm to marine life and life on earth.


Following are some suggestions that can help reduce air pollution and save our present and future:


  • We should use more renewable and non-conventional energy.
  • We should conserve energy as far as possible.
  • We should make less use of private vehicles and more use of public transport.
  • We should use energy efficient devices.

This list is not exhaustive but illustrative.

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