Advantages Of Nuclear Energy: Introduction, Meaning & Other, Check Here


As Use Of Nuclear Energy Releases Very Less Portion Of Greenhouses Gases, This Energy Is Called Environment-Friendly Energy. Nuclear Fission Is The Method Which Is Used In Nuclear Reactors To Generate Electricity. In This Process The Chemical Element Used Is Uranium. Nuclear Energy Is The Energy Stored In The Nucleus Of Atom.


It Is An Energy Present In The Nuclear Of The Atom. Atom Is The Smallest Unit Of Every Energy. At The Centre Of Every Atom, There Are Protons, Neutrons, And Electrons. These Sub- Divided Parts Of Atom Are Very Closely Fitted. At The Centre Of The Atom There Is Nucleus. Nucleus Comprises Of Positively Charged Protons And Neutral Neutrons.

   In Simple Words, Energy Between Neutrons And Protons Is Called Nuclear Energy.

Advantages Of Nuclear Energy:

There Are Many Benefits Of Using Nuclear Energy. The First And Foremost Benefit Is That It Is A Renewable Energy. Below Is The List Of Other Benefits:

Less Pollution:

Use Of Nuclear Energy Releases Very Less Amount Of Harmful Greenhouse Gases In Atmosphere. Because Of The Use Of Nuclear Power There Is No Undesirable Change And Unfavorable Damage To The Air, Water Or Soil.

Highly Reliable:

As Other Renewable Energies Like Solar Energy And Wind Energy Are Dependent On Weather Condition, Nuclear Energy Has No Such Dependency. Nuclear Reactor Can Work Continuously For More Than A Year Without Stopping. There Is Persistent Supply Of Nuclear Energy. We Can Also Store a Large Amount Of Nuclear Energy. Hence Reliability Of Nuclear Energy Is Very High, And We Can Easily Depend On It.

More Efficient Than Fossil Fuel:

Nuclear Energy Has High Amount Of Energy Than That Of Fossil Fuels. Also, The Amount Of Fuel Required By Nuclear Power Plant Is Very Less As Compared To The Energy Required By Other Power Plants For Working.
The Energy Of Atom Is Very High As That Of Fossil Fuel, So It Won’t Be Wrong To Say That Quality Of Nuclear Energy Is Higher Than That Of Fossil Fuels.


Technically Nuclear Energy Is Not A Renewable Resource. The Reserves Of Uranium Are Very Limited On Earth. But The Process Of Fission Generated By-Products Like Plutonium Which Can Be Used To Produce Energy. If We Develop Some Technology To Have Control Over Nuclear Fusion Reaction Than We Can Have The Best Solution For Every Problem. We Will Have Energy Throughout And Also There Won’t Be Any Need For Storing Energy.

National Security :

Nuclear Energy Plays Important Part Of Weapons And Ammunitions. These Ammunitions Are Used For Securing The Boundaries And For Defense Purposes During The War. Major Use Of Nuclear Energy Was Seen During World War I.

Produce Electricity:

There Energy That Is Produced In Nuclear Reactor Can Be Used To Produce Electricity. Substantial Activities Of Humans Today, Depend On Availability Of Electricity. There Is a Large Amount Of Requirement Of Electricity. With The Help Of Nuclear Energy, This Large Demand Can Be Fulfilled.


The Use Of Nuclear Energy Does Not Cause Any Harm To Environment. Thus, Nuclear Energy Can Be Used As A Medium To Fight Pollution And Achieve Sustainable Development.



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